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Monday, August 9, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rainbow pt 2

Because I'm not smart enough to figure out to place my photos where I want them I will just make another post.
Since I have been in Montana I have seen more full rainbows then I have ever seen. And not just rainbows but bright ones and double ones--maybe I am in some alternate universe and this is the 70's or maybe I will get lucky and find unicorns and little dwarfs wanting to give me money!

The land of sapphires and rainbows

So, it finally stopped raining for the most part--now comes the mosquitoes. Not as bad as Florida but still pretty insane at times.
Yesterday I ventured yet another middle of nowhere place called Philipsburg. To get there you have to pass opportunity and then Wisdom right after you go through Anaconda. Gotta love these town names!Anyway, the reason I went to Philipsburg is because they have a sapphire mine that you can hunt for your own sapphires. Basically they dig it from the mine and you get a bucket of raw ore and then you get to screen it and hunt for sapphires. I got a few decent sized ones. They will be sent off to get heat treated and faceted and should be back in about 9 months.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Anyone have Ark plans lying around?

So the weather here----yea--it has rained almost everyday I have been here. I think i might have actually moved to Seattle not Montana! The last couple of days have really been rainy--I am really over it.
In other news-the brand new tires I bought just before I headed out here-- Well I ran over a huge screw and it got stuck in one of them. The great thing is that was stuck in the sidewall which means it can't be plugged. I have to buy a new tire. I am glad I at least got 3000 miles out of it (read with much sarcasm here) And because I live in the middle of nowhere it will take 4 days to get a new tire. And my warranty is no good because I can't even find a Goodyear tire place out here.
I love this place:P

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The first 3 weeks

So, i have been here for just about 3 weeks. So far so good. Work is going pretty well, but the masses have not descended quite yet. I sure it just a matter of time before the tourons arrive.
On the drive up I hit rain most of the time and it seems to have stayed with me here. I haven't really had many sun filled days but plenty of cold, rainy, and some snowy days. Everyone keeps telling me it will get worm here but I really don;t believe them!I stopped by Badlands Natl park on the drive up. I wanted to go to Mt Rushmore but it
was raining and I was trying to outrun a major snowstorm coming in.
I have been in Yellowstone 8 times so far and have seen NO wolves or bears. I am a little pissed about that but at least I have the whole summer to see them. I have seen a few new animals. Ofcourse there are the regulars like bison, elk, and deer.
Here in SW Montana we have traffic jams like other places
Just another friday afternoon in the park. We also have a town Bison in West yellowstone. He was a couple of houses down munching on the grass the other night.
And since it is Yellowstone I did go to Old Faithful. Not real impressive. Maybe if I go back on a day with sun it will be better.
I did see an otter--kinda looks like a gator if your used to being in Florida!