Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The land of sapphires and rainbows

So, it finally stopped raining for the most part--now comes the mosquitoes. Not as bad as Florida but still pretty insane at times.
Yesterday I ventured yet another middle of nowhere place called Philipsburg. To get there you have to pass opportunity and then Wisdom right after you go through Anaconda. Gotta love these town names!Anyway, the reason I went to Philipsburg is because they have a sapphire mine that you can hunt for your own sapphires. Basically they dig it from the mine and you get a bucket of raw ore and then you get to screen it and hunt for sapphires. I got a few decent sized ones. They will be sent off to get heat treated and faceted and should be back in about 9 months.

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SwampAngel65 said...

Where the hell do those names come from??? Funny... Are you all packed yet?