Friday, June 4, 2010

Anyone have Ark plans lying around?

So the weather here----yea--it has rained almost everyday I have been here. I think i might have actually moved to Seattle not Montana! The last couple of days have really been rainy--I am really over it.
In other news-the brand new tires I bought just before I headed out here-- Well I ran over a huge screw and it got stuck in one of them. The great thing is that was stuck in the sidewall which means it can't be plugged. I have to buy a new tire. I am glad I at least got 3000 miles out of it (read with much sarcasm here) And because I live in the middle of nowhere it will take 4 days to get a new tire. And my warranty is no good because I can't even find a Goodyear tire place out here.
I love this place:P